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Awisco UHF 2 Channel 64 User Selectable Frequency Handheld Wireless Microphone, Low Power Consuming and Rackmountable Design. Specifications: * Frequency range :UHF 516-585 MHz adopt CPU control * PLL combined technology * Frequency stability...

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NADY U-2100HT Dual 100-Channel UHF Wireless System Nady’s award-winning wireless innovation and expertise are evident in the latest addition to their line of professional UHF wireless systems. The U-2100 is jam-packed with user friendly features:...

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Hisonic UHF Quad Wireless System provides you with proven performance and durability in a variety of settings, from churches to nightclubs to gymnasiums, from concert halls to broadcast booths and stadiums. Each HSU8900 Series UHF wireless...

$249.95 as at 15:04 UTC. (Details)

Awisco UHF 4 Channel 64 User Selectable Frequency Handheld Wireless Microphone, Rackmountable and Low Power Consuming Design. Specifications: * Frequency range :UHF 516-585 MHz * 4 Independent 1/4" Outputs * One 1/4" Mixed Audio Output * One XLR...

$299.00 as at 10:33 UTC. (Details)

LED Power Indicator & Channel Display, Operation Range: Up to 164 ft., Audio Level Indicator for wireless system audio signal level, Includes one handheld wireless dynamic microphone, RF Signal Indicator for transmitter signal strength, UHF Signal...

$74.99 as at 15:04 UTC. (Details)

Audio2000's AWM6527U UHF Dual Channel 100 Selectable Frequency Wireless Microphone with Handheld, UHF Band (660 - 690 Mhz), 100 Selectable Frequency (50 Frequency per Channel) Package Including: AWR6527U Receiver Two Handheld Microphones AC/DC...

$86.90 as at 10:33 UTC. (Details)

Enter Tech brings new 2013 model Magic Sing ET25K All in One Portable Digital Home Karaoke Microphone with 1,945 English songs. This karaoke microphone is perfect for any skill level and is built with rich sound quality and high performance. You can...

$169.37 as at 10:33 UTC. (Details)

Specification: Receiver:Receiving system: fixed frequency by quartz controlled Audio output level: Unbalanced mode of CHA+B: 0 ~ 0.5V/5KΩ Unbalanced mode of CHA and CHB: 0 ~ 0.5V/50KΩ Microphone: RF power output:15mW(MAX) Spurious emissions: Over...

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Once again Nady brings its 40 years of excellence and innovation to introduce the WKM-2 Wireless Handheld Microphone System and 4 input Mixer. Perfect for a Karaoke event where many microphones are needed simultaneously. The WKM-2 not only...

$99.99 as at 10:33 UTC. (Details)

Key Features: -Plug-and-play, with no drivers needed -Smooth, flat frequency response of UHF 500-980MHz high band wireless system -USB Wireless receiver built in SOUND CARD and USB Stick, -Handheld dynamic microphone transmitter -Solid, die-cast...

$32.99 as at 10:33 UTC. (Details)

Easily control your voice effects with the on microphone 'Hit Button'. Take your chorus to the next level with on-demand harmonies and amped up effects.Weighted and balanced to match professional...

$49.99 as at 15:04 UTC. (Details)

Amazing Microphone, you can use it in two ways: Wired or Wireless, it is fun to use it, no matter you plug direct to your singing machine or Karaoke amplifier, it is a perfect mic for party in holidays. The 6 feet long wire is good for a Karaoke...

$15.99 as at 15:04 UTC. (Details)