BMB DAS-300 (SE) 600W 4-Channel Karaoke Mixing Amplifier

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More than 35 years of experience in manufacturing Karaoke Amplifiers – BMB is one of the oldest and most reputable karaoke amplifier manufacturing companies in the world. Designed in Japan using the latest exclusive DSP technology. BMB have many years of accumulated experience in designing the best sound and the most durable amplifier than any other karaoke amplifier manufacturer in the market.

Sourcing the highest-grade components made in Japan ensure long lasting and high-endurance power delivery demanded by the users. All BMB amplifiers must be able to pass a 24 hour x 7 day endurance test at maximum power output to receive a stamp of approval for sale. BMB can guarantee their amplifier will survive in the most stressful environment that no other can.

The DAS-300 delivers real 300-Watt RMS output – The BMB DAS amplifier is designed to sustain a 300-watt per channel output continuously without distortion or damage to the amplifier. BMB’s amplifier is designed with much greater power and safety margins in mind so outputting at a constant 300 watts can be easily achieved without any problem.

Comes with 6 Pre-Defined Music EQ and Microphone Echo Settings – Which allow users to quickly adjust to the most suitable setting with a touch of button. Users can also save their favorite setting into one of the memory positions. Featuring 10-Way Equalizer for Both Music and Microphone – Allowing users to fine tune their music using the 10-way graphic equalizer. At the same time, a separate microphone equalizer can let users fine tune their microphone as well.

With built-In Auto Shut-Off Circuitry – The BMB DAS amplifier has an internal monitoring circuit that is constantly checking all conditions of the amplifier. Whenever the circuit detects an unusual input, surge of power or excessive temperature, the auto shut-off circuits will immediately shutdown the amplifier to make sure neither your amplifier nor your speaker could get damaged.

  • The 10-Band equalizer enables the user to set the audio and mic separately.
  • The sound surroundings setting has six levels so the user can select a setting based upon room size.
  • The latest digital amplifier IC to make the amplifier smaller and lighter while delivers powerful sounds.
  • Six different echo setting so the user can select the most suitable echo for the music genre.
  • Multi-purpose large color LCD panel.
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