Audio 2000s ADM1064B Dynamic Karaoke / Vocal Microphone

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The Audio2000s ADM1064B microphone is one of the ADM106X dynamic microphone families which present excellent value to the music , pro-audio and karaoke market segments.

With professional appearance and performances, the ADM1064B microphone is configured with a round-headed steel mesh grille, a durable zinc microphone casing, and a low impedance capsule inhering excellent transient responses and wide frequency response.

Right from the early product development stages, the ADM1064B microphone has been intended to be designed and manufactured as a dependable, versatile and, yet, economic sound reinforcement tool.

As a result, a delicate sound performance and the delicately designed and finished surface make the ADM1064B microphone an outstanding value in any vocal applications. It is suitable for either the beginners or the professional users.Type: Dynamic

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