Better Music Builder DFS-306 Monitor Speakers (Pair)

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Today, people who sing karaoke require different channels, so that the music and their vocal singing can be heard separately from different speakers by using additional center speakers and subwoofers. The multiple speakers, which give high, mid and low frequencies, can produce very amazing sound effects. Unfortunately, home theater system is not designed to support professional karaoke singing, so it usually ends up burning the pricey speakers. Now Better Music Builder solves this problem by introducing a new line of speaker for karaoke. First of all, the center speaker DFS-306 is designed for independent vocal output. Therefore, people can get the same effect of a home theater system for karaoke. Even though the DFS -306 is designed in compact size, it is a very powerful speaker. It is great for the people who require additional speaker effects for equipment rental, or multiple speaker installation for commercial use. The cabinet design enables the speaker for vertical and horizontal mounting on ceiling, wall, stage, or floor stands. There are many ways for you to install your DFS -306 for different use. The recommended setting for this speaker is to use the new DX-213 3-channel mixing amplifier or the new DX-288 5-channel mixing amplifier to create a revolutionary karaoke effect.Type: 2-Way full-range (floor-stand or wall/ceiling mounted)

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