BMB CSX-850 (SE) 500W 10-Inch 3-Way Bass Reflex Speakers, Set of 2

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The BMB CSX series is available in High Powered 8″, 10″ and 12″. Equipped with the new high volume woofer and enclosed by a sturdy cabinet for sound stability. The angles of the tweeter and driver on the CSX speakers are adjustable to fit the shape of the room. Every BMB speakers are made with a highly reliable paper cone from Japan. Enclosed with double layer wood cabinet with interlocking panels to improve audio and strengthen the assembly as a whole. BMB products are shipped with certificate of authenticity and every unit is assigned with a unique serial number that can be verified for authenticity on our main site. BMB is a Green partner and is ROHS Compliant to protect the environment. The BMB CSX-850 is a 3-way bass reflex system with 5 Speakers configuration. There are is a 10″ woofer, two 3.15″ drivers and two 3.15″ tweeters. Its response frequency range is from 40Hz to 20,000 Hz. The system is rated for a maximum input of 500 watt at 8 ohms. Each speaker cabinet weights 27.2 lbs. and have the dimensions of 20.5″x11.7″x11.2″.Sound directions are set individually for the tweeters/squawkers.

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