Samsung DVD-E360K Region Free DVD Player with USB and Karaoke with (ACUPWR (TM) Plug Kit – Lifetime Warranty) / HD Kit

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Progressive Scan
Everythings twice as real with Progressive Scan Out. It takes a conventional HDTV, with its outdated interlacing method of delivering data, two passes to display what Full HD 1080ps Progressive Scan Out delivers in one. That means you get a smoother, cleaner, better picture thats full of vivid detail- perfect for viewing fast-paced sports and action flicks you love so much.

Multiple Playback Formats
Plays DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, CD, CD-R, CD-RW. Supports MP3, JPEG, and WMA file formats

Slow Motion
View your favorite scenes over again in slow motion

On-Screen Menu Functions
Select various menu languages (audio/subtitle) and screen angles while enjoying movies

CD Ripping
Take your favourite tracks with you on your MP3 player. In minutes, you can convert your CDs to MP3s with the CD ripping feature. Extract audio tracks from your CDs simply by inserting your CD and pressing the ripping button.

Parental Control (DVD)
This allows you to set the necessary level to prohibit young children from viewing movies with violence or adult subject matter

Energy Star
The DVD-E360 uses 6 watts when in use, and just one watt in standby mode. It saves money on your monthly energy bills, and saves the environment

USB Play
With ConnectShare Movie, simply plug your USB memory drive or External HDD into your DVD player and enjoy the content you love. ConnectShare Movie feature reduces the number of devices needed to view, listen and play your favourite content. Play music directly through the speakers of your DVD player and transfer movies and photos to the big screen. And experience a wide variety of content from the comfort of your living room.

Excellent Sound
Dolby Digital, a technology developed by Dolby Laboratories, provides crystal clear sound reproduction2.1 Channel Coaxial Digital Audio Output / CD Ripping / Dust Proof / Progressive Scan

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